Little Fox Portrait Watercolor Art Print | Elena Markelova

Little Fox Portrait Watercolor Art Print | Elena Markelova

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"Little Fox Portrait" is original watercolour painting of forest and lake combined in a unique double exposure style, on 9"x12" cold-press watercolour paper.

An idea of a painting can grow in my mind a long time before it is born. While working on other paintings, I will sometimes make sketches, since I often have many ideas waiting to be painted. The first outline of this artwork came to me on a ferry from Salt Spring Island. I remember that moment so well because after I finished the sketch I saw orcas chasing us, my very first encounter with them in the wild. The fascinating thing about foxes is that they adapt to every situation; one could call them opportunists. I love that in their character and also I love their beautiful colouration – subtle shades of red and grey, black legs, a bushy tail, and the eyes. These are the eyes of cleverness, spirituality and spirit guidance.

In “Enchanted Animals” collection Elena focuses on spirits and inner world of each animal. We are similar to all living creatures with our own background and stories. Have you ever thought about what breathtaking views open up before eyes of the foxes walking through the forest? This painting is a reminder to go deep within our own souls and see beauty all around us.

Comes complete with signature on the front.

My art prints are high quality and are professionally printed with archival pigment inks on a heavy weight, acid free paper very similar to watercolour paper.

Display your cherished artwork in the wall frame. This simple frame looks great in almost any décor. Turnbuckles and D-rings are pre-attached to make it easy for you to hang the frame on a wall."


  • 8" x 10"
  • 11" x 14" 


- Depending on your monitor settings colours may appear slightly different on screen than on the actual print.