Bick Dick Energy - Wax Melts | Blueflame Studios

Bick Dick Energy - Wax Melts | Blueflame Studios

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All Natural Vegan Soy Wax Melts, shaped like little penises. Need I say more?

These make a hilarious birthday gift, bachelorette favour, or a "treat yourself to some dick wax melt" gifts.
Each pack includes 5 melts (1.7oz), each melt should burn for roughly 5-6 hours.

This is a plant based wax with 0 animal substances, and fully cruelty free. It’s also non toxic, biodegradable, clean burning, and pet safe. 🤍

Due to each wax melt being individually hand-poured, the appearances may vary from the listing images due to natural changes that occur with soy wax melts.

Each piece of this wax melt should burn for 5-6 hours on a regular setting. This may vary depending on your wax burner. Burning your wax melts for around an hour at a time will help extend the life of your melts.


Never leave a wax melt left unattended while burning. Do not burn your wax melts longer than 3 hours. Allow to cool completely before moving wax melt or removing leftover wax. Residual wax left after burning should be expected.


*Please note, wax melts vary in colour based on vendor supply and may change depending on availability.